Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gearing up for a busy day and week

This is my last week at PT school, but I still have a hectic week ahead. Today I need to focus on folding laundry and pushing through more loads. In addition, I have session end course checks for FT school plus my own final grades for them. The family room rug is still damp and we are expecting a ton more rain tonight. I am hoping we don't flood again!

Dinner will be chicken and dumplings with salad, I think we need the comfort of good warm food in our bellies before heading into a busy week. Tomorrow I need to see Dr. Tom and I need to get snack for the brownies. I work tomorrow night, last class and they take their final. Grades for that exam are due by 10 pm on Tuesday, so I will be grading all day Tuesday off and on-Em you may have to drive to the farm :) Thankfully, there is no soccer practice Tuesday, so I can concentrate on the papers I need to write and grading. Wednesday will be a welcome relief, no class, but Brittan has a soccer game and I have a conference call, all at the same time. We are in charge of snack, so I will pack it up and send Ryan and the kids off to the game so I can run my call from home. After that, just household stuff to do. I think next week i will start to paint my bathroom, I hate that room and have been waiting until we did the rest of the house before attacking it. This summer I also hope to paint the kitchen, both the walls and the cabinets, just to update the room a bit.

Well, I better get going. Fingers crossed that we don't flood again and that my garden makes it through!


A Jersey Girl said...

You are always doing so much:) Where is the vacuuming in this post? Haha, I make myself laugh:) What a fun time:) Thanks for all the inside jokes and good times we have. Happy Mother's Day!

Tribe Mama said...

Thanks Em, and I did just vacuum so you can finally relax, although it was the third time today :)

Happy Mother's Day to you too, if it weren't for the pesky kids, we would never have found each other!