Saturday, May 10, 2008

Early Mother's Day

So we celebrated Mother's Day a bot early. The kids were supposed to have activities today (brownies and soccer) and thankfully both were cancelled so I didn't have to feel guilty about keeping them home.

They let me sleep in, and Ryan made me breakfast in bed...such a TREAT!!!! The kids gave me the presents they made at school and Ryan had bought a HUGE pot for the kids to decorate for me. The weather has been bad, so that will wait for a sunny day :) He also got a huge pot of Gerber daisies for me, all in shades of pink, which are my favorites. We will plant some pansies around the edge of the big pot once decorated and put the daisies in the middle and it will help fill the yucky space in front of the garage.

Ryan has had to go to bed since he works tonight, and cooking away on the stove is homemade tomato sauce (I cannot wait for our OWN tomatoes) and I am going to make meatballs and fresh pasta. Along with this we will have a big salad, a staple in late spring and summer around here. The best part of the CSA and our garden is, we are never at a loss for greens!

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