Saturday, May 31, 2008

There are days filled with joy too

Today we had a busy and fun Saturday. I ran a quick errand with Haven this morning and then we all loaded up to go to Brittan's last soccer game of the season. Of course we met up with the Fallons at the game and the kids had fun at the game, even though it was really, REALLY HOT!

After Britt and Killi got their trophies, we all went to lunch together. Now six kids at lunch can be difficult, but even with the occasional whining or disgruntled child, lunch was still fun and everyone filled their bellys.

Now we are home and Haven is slaving away at the table working on a random craft and Britt and Gray are watching a movie together. Rain is moving in so we will have a quiet evening, a simple dinner of sandwiches and salads, and hopefully a restful night. Now if I could get Gray to sleep through it!!

These are the best days, we will never have a day where everyone is happy all day, but the days when we mostly all get along, and we are able to spend time together as a family, these are the days I love!

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