Sunday, May 25, 2008

Success and fears

First off, the reprocessing took and my jars are all sealed :) I will be busy tomorrow processing more berries.

I am planning to plant more tomato plants and think I will grow them upside down. I am hoping to secure some free buckets, and we will set these up in front of the playroom. I am quite concerned about the tomato plants in the garden, so this will make sure we have some for the summer. I also have a pepper plant that needs to go in the ground, and I am on the lookout for two eggplant plants to replace the ones that died in the floods. Tomorrow I will venture into the main garden to assess the damage and figure out what we lost.

On to the fears...
Everywhere I look I see articles on how bad things are. I see how my dollar doesn't stretch, and with three growing kids, we feel the pinch. I wish we could move to more land, it would allow me to raise hens and more produce, but alas, we can't move. I have found a place to purchase huge stores of flour, sugar and other grains. I am going to have Ry help me rearrange the pantry this week, and I will order the stores so we have them before they raise the prices. It may seem crazy to get 50 lbs of flour, but we cook from scratch a lot, and I want to always know that if pasta gets to be $4 a box, I can make it cheap at home. I also love to bake bread in the winter, and we have figured out a good place to for the bread dough to rise in summer, so I think we will make two loaves per week year round. Trying to keep the family in healthy natural foods is expensive, so I need to find ways to get the food we need, without emptying the bank account.

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