Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The aftereffects of insomnia

I am tired, very, very tired. All in all, I had a productive day, even though it began with Haven in tears (I think she is ready for school to be over) and the afternoon was filled with Grayson melt downs (no nap and he has a fever, looks like an ear infection brewing) Gray and I did some clean up this morning and lazed a bit. We left home around 11 am, and went to the craft store to get supplies for Haven's party this week. Then we went to lunch and to the farm. I love that we know the folks at the farm now, they see my car coming and get the milk ready, they know my name and Grayson's name and they always look so darn happy to see us! We picked up some plants for the pots we are making for my mom as well as our milk order then headed over to Justice to get Haven a few outfits for her birthday. Then home to start making the candies, feed the family, vacuum the house, work, etc. All I have left for the night is to do the dinner dishes, wipe the table and run a conference call. Tomorrow morning I will get some flowers for the flower pots, a new ink cartridge and the index cards for the favors I am making. Then home to fold clothes, clean bathrooms and wash sheets. Thursday will be the big clean day, we are steam cleaning all the carpets, and I am scrubbing the rest of the house down to get ready for the family. Best part about tomorrow, husband is OFF so I have help!

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A Jersey Girl said...

Very productive day. I think Mag has an ear infection too:( No Good. Never a dull moment with these kids.