Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Girl fights suck

when they are your kids fighting.

Since getting home from school, my girls have been going at it. You have the usual suspects, yelling, screaming, dramatic expainations, door slams, and the occasional arm squeeze or slap. So much fun.

I have decided to just let them beat the crap out of one another. I usually try to settle things, but it doesn't help. Let it run its course I guess. Worst part is, they are going to wake their father up and he is going to give them hell. Tough way to learn a lesson.


A Jersey Girl said...

Let me know if it works itself out and how long it takes so I know how much longer it's gonna last:)

Joe Kerr (Get It) hahaha said...

It sounds like WWE at your house! Just remember that you cant join in the fun :) Im gonna try doing the same with me and Izzy. I will beat the crap out of him!