Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another day down...

OK, I am now super tired. We took the girls to school, then did some things around the house. A quick run into the store for more canning jars, lunch and the farm. A stop at Dr. Tom's and then home to vacuum and bake a sponge cake for dessert. Dinner is ready to go in the oven, shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, rice and salad. I have to do the dishes, work, and help Haven with a project. Also on the agenda tonight, hull the rest of the berries and freeze the firm ones, and put the others aside to be made into jam tomorrow.

Ry took off tonight (hooray!) so I will have some help and some company :) Tomorrow morning I need to drop my girlies at school and then go pick up a food dehydrator...gotta love Freecycle. Tomorrow will be a quiet at home day, with jam cooking, strawberry bread baking and laundry.

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A Jersey Girl said...

All those things done, you are too productive:) Guess What, I have NO laundry to do!!! Yippee for me! So what if the rest of my house is a disaster, the laundry is done.(And yes, that is all I have done:)