Saturday, May 3, 2008

A note about dinner

Getting dinner on the table with three clamoring kids is an ordeal. Those of you with kids can relate. When they are still too young to get their own food, and they still need you to cut up their meat, dinner is a bit of a pain. For example, tonight we ended up having London Broil, sauteed potatoes and onions and coleslaw. I started dinner at 2:30 by shredding the cabbage and making the coleslaw so it had time to sit in the fridge. At 3:30 I made the marinade for the meat (garlic, herbs, balsamic vinegar and oil) and got the meat marinating. At 4 pm I diced the potatoes and started them boiling. From that point on I had to drain the potatoes and saute some onions, then added potatoes and herbs and crisped them up. Grilled the steak and let it rest. When it came time to serve at 5:30 I still needed to set the table and make the kid plates, and after dinner I cleaned up, did the dishes, vacuumed and wiped the table. And that was just dinner :)

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A Jersey Girl said...

you make me not want to cook dinner, way too much effort:)