Monday, May 5, 2008

Not to be an alarmist..

but does anyone feel like everything is going to hell in a handbasket?

Between the economy and talks of pandemic outbreaks, I am a bit on edge. It could be my natural tendency to worry (I did freak out at age 6, convinced that my parents would die in a car wreck...REALLY convinced) or it could the media is breaking me down, or it can be that my college boyfriend was smart to live with one foot into paranoia.

So, I plan to make sure we are ready,

We all know I am going to be a canning freak, and that I live most of my life stockpiling things (food, paper towels, etc) the mud room. Usually this is because I am cheap, um, frugal, but now I think I will add things like batteries (which I never have) and other necessities to my group.

So if we were hit with a big pandemic, I figure Em and her kids could just move into my house with me and my stores, and that my PT job would be closed down because who would keep a college campus open in a pandemic? My other job is virtual, so the kids and Em and I could stay completely inside if needed, although we might go crazy, and not have to go to germy schools or stores.

The husbands would have to go to work, so they could stay at Emily's house and that will minimize the risk to us and the kids. Hell, we can stay holed up in that house for at least six months the way I have it, we may not have fresh fruits and veggies, but we will still have food and all of things needed. Well I guess the husbands could leave needed items outside the door and after an appropriate time, they could be moved into quarantine (the food, not the husbands, they can't come in at all)

OK, on to the escape route......


A Jersey Girl said...

Glad there is a spot for us:)

Tribe Mama said...

Always for you :)