Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fear and Loathing in Virginia

As many of you know, being a grownup realy stinks sometimes. Everywhere I look, I see things that frighten me, gas prices, employment problems, housing and the economy as a whole. Right now I wish I was still a kid, that I didn't have to be the one who worries.

That being said, I also know that I am lucky enough to be pretty secure. I have a good FT job, not to mention the steady PT gig. I have a PT tutoring gig on the back burner as I have an interview for another PT gig which is more up my alley and in my area of expertise. Ryan's company is so sorely understaffed, he could dance naked on the tables singing and still not lose his job. Even so I am worried, mostly because I feel trapped. I always felt like we could move if anything happened, we could always sell the house and be okay. Right now that isn't an option, and it makes me fearful. I know it will get better, I know that things will improve. I also know that we weren't planning on going anywhere for at least two or three years, and I am hoping we can just regain half of the value we had a year ago.

Sometimes being a grownup just sucks.

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