Monday, May 19, 2008

Enjoy the bounty

Today is a much nicer day, the sun is shining, the ground is drier, and I am hoping that my plants pull through. Regardless, I will still be putting some additional seed into the ground, it never hurts to be prepared, and a second round of harvest would be a bonus!

Summer CSA began today, and as I expected, we still have a similar type of share as Spring. I love seeing all of the baby greens and we are especially enjoying trying various greens and things such as bok choy. Tonight we are having roasted veggies with orzo, a family favorite that I love as I can switch it up to meet what is fresh and new. Tonight we will have grape tomatoes (somehow I found organic and LOCAL greenhouse grown!!), baby carrots, green beans, onions, whole garlic cloves, radishes, yellow squash and zucchini. We have an abundance of fresh dill, so that will be tossed with the cut veggies and olive oil, and roasted until caramelized and delicious. Tossed with orzo and parm cheese, a healthy family dinner. Some other favorites we use are parsnips, eggplant, mushrooms and asparagus.

Tomorrow will be meatloaf (farm meat), noodle kugel (I have too many eggs!) and greens. Wednesday will be stir fry with the stir fry veggies and bok choy and chicken served with basmati rice. I love having more time at home!!

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