Monday, May 26, 2008

Lessons learned

We have had a busy day.

We went to Target for a few key items, then I took the kids to lunch, then out to pick up CSA and home to make more jam and get some of the berries into the freezer. It is much more difficult to complete all my tasks with all the kids home, but we still tried to make it fun.

I made 7 half pints of jam, and one full pint that will go straight into the fridge. I need to straighten the house, somehow whenever people visit it goes from perfect to trashed in just a few days :)

One big lesson I learned today, don't try to process all the berries while having the kids alone. Next year I will make sure Ryan is home to help, it takes a really long time when you have to keep stopping to get drinks, break up fights, etc.

Now I am off to vacuum the house and switch the laundry. Then on to making dinner, I think we will have chicken stir fry, quick and easy. The kids are clamoring for a strawberry shortcake, but they may have to wait until tomorrow since I just don't have the time or energy to bake a cake right now.

Off to clean!

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A Jersey Girl said...

okay, enough already. You are just making me feel bad about myself:) Every errand with the kids takes 3 times as long I swear:)