Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Steak and Soccer

Tonight Brittan has a soccer game, but not until 6:45. I fear my kiddos will have a hard time with this since bedtime here begins at 7 and we won't get home until after 8. Thankfully, tomorrow I just need to get the CSA and try to fix the garden before the next set of rain comes in tomorrow. I am hoping that we didn't lose too much, Ryan's strawberries don't seem to be doing too well, a few squash plants are broken and I lost a row of lettuce. Thankfully I can replant the lettuce, we will have to see about the berries.

For dinner we had our first good steaks from the cow, we had already eaten some eye steaks and they were delicious, but tonight the T-Bones and Porterhouse came out. All I did was grill them, no seasoning, so salt and pepper, NOTHING and they were melt in your mouth delicious. Usually I prefer my steaks medium, but due to timing, kids, etc, they were more like medium well tonight and they were still tender and juicy. Em and I are putting in another meat order next week, hopefully we will have delivery mid July. This time we will be getting a half a cow (1/4 per family) and I am so excited to have all of this delicious and healthy food in the house. The last pick up for the Spring CSA is tomorrow, and the summer pick up begins on Monday, so we will be full of veggies.

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