Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There are always moments

I am sure people who do not have children, or who hear those of us with children complain, wonder why it is all worth it. Why we have more than one child and why we do what we do everyday. We do it for the moments, the light beams of happiness and joy, the funny little things that kids say and do, and those moments make the rough days not seem so bad.

A few highlights of my week.....

Grayson telling me that something was humonormous-a combination of humongous and enormous. Funniest said with a three year old's lispy language.

Haven telling me that "Someone must have had a cocktail" when I told her that someone said something that made me feel like a bad mom.

Brittan dancing a crazy little jig when she was excited about reading a word, the kid is all skinny arms and legs and it was hysterical to see her dancing like that.

Throw in the million I love yous and bear hugs, my son saying he saved me all his pink kisses (he thinks I love the color pink) and a few key moments of Haven and Brittan helping each other and their brother, and those terrible rotten days seem like the distant past.

We are still hoping to have one more child join us, maybe sooner rather than later, I guess time will tell. My kids were asked about the decision before Ryan and I reached a conclusion, and their sheer excitement about another sibling was astounding. While they might argue and fight, they also are the first to defend a sibling and the way they all help one another shows their deep love for one another. They can make me crazy, they have even made me cry, but when the day is done, I can forgive the sassiness (all of them have a tendency towards that) and the mistakes they make, and try to find the good moments to cherish. It is true, they grow up too fast and I hope that we can shelter and protect them as long as possible, I am not ready to share them with the world just yet...they need some refining :)

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