Monday, May 12, 2008

School's out

So schools are closed today I am guessing due to flooding. The rain that was supposed to pass last night just keeps coming and we are getting ready to build the ark!

Thankfully, my dear husband went out last night in the torrential rain to dig a trench around the house and used cinder blocks and bricks to divert the rain water away from the house. He also ripped the edging out of the side flower bed in the back to help drain water off of the patio. Next time I am mad at him, I have to remember he was out there digging in the rain to protect the house from flooding...good guy.

Now we just need to live through the day. My kids were home Friday since they were up all night during the Tornado Warnings and the flood, and now school is closed. What a bad weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I think you will feel better after you vacuum and cook for a while!