Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time to clean

So we are in overhaul mode. I need to get the spring cleaning done, plus my parents arrive on Friday so I want everything done and ready for them. Today the Living Room is FINALLY getting rearranged and the book cases are going up. This will get rid of all of the clutter and also create a more intimate place to talk. I already hung the new curtains, but they are way too long so I am getting ready to hem them. Once that room is done, I will attack the foyer, packing away winter gear and going through shoes and organizing the kid bins. I also want to wax the wood in there, it is looking dull. I need both of these things done by the end of the weekend, along with steam cleaning the living room, upstairs and the playroom. I have to do grading and write a paper today and plan to make a lemon rosemary chicken for supper, plus the sweet potatoes need to be planted and I need to get to that trellis out back. The real question is, should be have roasted potatoes or rice with dinner? Decisions, decisions.

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