Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy and rainy

So I haven't gotten as far today as I had hoped. I did shower (I know you were all worried) and made it to the store where I did very, very well considering the price of groceries. Dinner is cooking away, the homemade baked beans smell awesome, and after three more hours of cooking they will be perfect. I think I have enough to pack away in the freezer for another night, if the recipe is a success, I will can a few jars...beans are cheap and my family loves them. The BBQ beef is getting nice and tender, we will eat it on rolls withe the baked beans, salad and watermelon.

I finished the living room and I love it, very peaceful and relaxing. I still need to deal with the kitchen and dining room, but that can be done tomorrow. Tonight I will bake cupcakes so they are ready to frost tomorrow, I will write my paper, do the dishes again, and vacuum again. I need to run one more errand, and switch laundry, but I have enjoyed my relatively quiet day. Having dinner cooking means i avoid the supper rush, always a bonus in my world.

My poor garden is looking so sad. All of the rain has taken it's toll, and even though the sun is supposed to be out tomorrow, it is going to rain again Wednesday. As long as the plants I have left make it through Wednesday, we should be OK, but my poor little tomatoes look so limp, I lost half my beans, snow peas, cucumbers and squash, and all of my butternuts, potatoes and acorn squash. I am not sure what to do when the garden is so waterlogged, if this had happened a month from now, I would have been thrilled, but the plants were so small they have really suffered the lack of sunlight and the over abundance of water. All I can do is wait until the weather improves and go plant more seed to see if I can get new growth.

Off to switch clothes and run errands, hope the kids behave.

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