Saturday, May 24, 2008

They grow up so fast!

My oldest, Haven, turns EIGHT today!!!

Where did the time go? It is like she went from precocious two year old to a big girl who is into music and clothes and horses. She is by far my most dramatic and entertaining child, and while it can be a bit much some days, she is often the source of our laughter and smiles here at home.

She is becoming quite the young lady, deeply compassionate for those who need help or just a friend. She can be an incredible big sister when she chooses to, and both Britt and Gray look up to her, and I know that if I need help, she will be right there to lend a hand. We love her deeply, and we couldn't imagine our lives without her chatter and pizazz!

Happy Birthday Sunshine-I hope your party is a blast!

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