Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winding down

So Haven will be home from school tomorrow, this is becoming a bad trend on Mondays! She hasn't eaten all day and slept most of it, so she has earned a day off at home resting. Gray's cough is pretty bad, so he will probably be hanging here too.

I am finishing the last of today's cookies. They smell so yummy! The kids each did a holiday craft, I did some work and finished a paper. All I want right now is my warm and cozy bed!

I did, however, score a sweet deal for teacher gifts. I already got Haven's teacher some earrings and Brittan's teacher a ring. For Britt's aid, I ordered a half pound chocolate Christmas Mouse, and got a free set of 36 truffles and deluxe nuts, which will be perfect for Haven's two aids! All that for under 13 bucks shipped!!!