Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weepy days

I have had a bit of a weepy day. The day started out OK except I had a headache and hubby was crabby, ok so was I. Kids got off, I ran to the store, came home and was upset that what I asked to be done wasn't. Headache lasted all day, even now it is still making itself known behind my left eye. It seemed everything made me cry today, sometimes that is just what you need to do when everything is hard, shed a few tears and get the work done. Now I am just trying to get dinner on the table, have hubby get the decorations down and spackle the last wall that needs paint in the kitchen and maybe I will fold some clothes after my call tonight.

At least the weepiness seems to have left, and I know that the next few days will be filled with super fun stuff like power washing and raking leaves!!! At least when we get back from NC, I can get the house dolled up for Christmas :)

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