Saturday, November 15, 2008

A good day

So, I was up from 2 am until after 6 am, but then hubby let me sleep until 9 (actually he tried to get me to sleep longer).

After getting up and cleaning up after the family, Haven and I ran to Rite Aid where we scored a killer deal on a toaster, which is great since I have been shopping for one forever! Then we ran over to Shoppers and met up with Em and her girls. We grabbed a few essentials and a few non-essentials like the pomegranate the hubby requested. Then home to feed the kids, get some chores done, organize my coupons, and have a lovely long chat with Chelle, too bad my kids kept interrupting! I am super excited that we will see her, her hubby and her step son in December when she comes to town for business, I simply cannot wait!

Then I fed the kids dinner, jerk chicken, corn on the cob and roasted butternut squash. I just did some grading, got the kids clothes for church together and cleaned up from dinner. Now if the kids would head to bed, I can get a bit more grading done and head to bed myself!

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