Sunday, November 16, 2008

and we're off....

So we are up and dressed, kids are fed and I vacuumed a bit. I am throwing back the coffee and the kids are bringing down their laundry. In about an hour, we leave to go to church and if all goes well, I will FINALLY be there to assist in Grayson's class. After church, we will make a quick stop at the store to grab a few things we need (dog food, puff pastry, etc) and a few things that are just rockin deals (stuffing, pudding, etc)

We will then head home, get the kids lunch, straighten the house and do the laundry, same old same old.

I do have to finish some grading today and write a paper, but that can wait until tonight!

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A Jersey Girl said...

Boy- up and out! I am jealous:)