Monday, November 17, 2008

Small breaks

So, with everything having been so hectic lately, today was a welcome change. Even though I had Haven home and she had a doctor's appointment, and I currently have two extra kids here, it has been a good day!

Haven and I dropped Britt and Gray at school, then she and I met Emily for a quick coffee/tea and a bagel. She and I came home, I sent a few emails and straightened up then off to the doctor where we were told NO STREP :) just a virus. Went and grabbed Grayson, Maggie and their friend from school and high tailed it to D. Tom's where he made my back feel so much better :) Off for lunch with Emily, then the kids and I came home.

We made a nice fire and I did the dishes, vacuumed up, switched laundry, cleaned cat litter (yuck) and have some pumpkin muffins baking. Now I will make a pot of tea and do a little work before it is time to start dinner. My plans for tomorrow are to stay home and stay warm, it is supposed to be frigid.

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