Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not as planned

So to say this morning did not go as planned is not doing it justice. We had a bad start, then the girls got off to school and I tried to get some stuff done around the house. Then Gray and I left to go to pictures, and all I wanted was a drink because my stomach was really upset. Well, of course the drive through was wrapped around the building. Finally we get down to the picture place and we are about 15 minutes early. I check in and ask, ASK, that they are running on time. They assure me they are, and Gray and I wait, and wait, and wait until it is 20 minutes past our appointment time, Gray looks a mess and he is almost in tears (well, we both were almost in tears). So I ask the girl at the counter who tells me that there is someone else before us-that means at least 20 minutes more, and was really nasty about it, so we left. Then I called and the manager was busy and was supposed to call back, but hasn't. Now I am really pissed since I need these pictures done and they wasted my time today. Here's the thing, if I wanted an appointment at 11, I would make one then, not bring my kid, have them waste my time, it become lunchtime and then have any expectation of a decent picture. Argggg. Now I am off to call them again to see if SOMEONE can actually be helpful.

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