Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No school fun

OK, so I am trying to head into today with a good attitude. So far, I have almost all of the information from my team for the paper, although the person who sent me information last night did not include anything I asked for, sigh.....

The kids had a good breakfast and are bundled up playing outside. We have a nice fire going and I am about to get my first cup of coffee, hooray!

I do have a few musts. I must roast more coffee. I must shower. I must vacuum the house. I must make the girls fold clothes. I must do dishes. I must complete this paper. I must work.

I also have a few things I want to do, and these include making a few loaves of bread and figuring out what the heck I can do different with my leftover chicken for dinner. Off to drink coffee and perk up!

1 comment:

A Jersey Girl said...

WOW! You got them out the door early. I hope you get all your musts done and most of your wants-

Me laundry and school work. A trip to the park would be nice:)