Friday, November 21, 2008

I have to say it....

I am so sick and tired of pissed off students emailing me because THEY didn't do the work right and then trying to THREATEN me with going to my boss. You know what I always say...go, email everyone you want, email the head of the school, you know what they will say...WE BACK UP THE FACULTY! Here is the thing, if you don't cite sources, it is plagiarism, and if I ask for sources, I AM DOING MY JOB! Oh, and don't tell me that it is because I don't "like" you because here is the thing, I don't really think about all, on a personal level as I am there to teach you and evaluate you, I really don't care to be your friend or get to "know" you. We are not peers. Higher education is one of the few institutions where one person essentially judges the other, so why oh why do they think that emailing me an being a jerk is going to help them???

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