Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dinner...a nightly production

Ask any mom out there and she will tell you that dinnertime, or better yet, the time she is preparing dinner, is the worst time of day for children. So while trying to cook, there are often hysterics, injuries, general clingyness and whining...every single night. Now, having been a mom for almost 8 1/2 years, I know this, and I try to start dinner on the early side as it gives me more time to cook, and a slightly better chance only one kid will fall apart.

Tonight I got going early since I knew that the dinner I was making required my attention. We are having sausage roll or sausage en croute. Essentially it is sausage, I use mild italian, cooked with peppers and onions then chopped up in the food processor with cheese and seasoning. You add in diced fresh tomato and roll it in puff pastry. Now seriously, has anything ever not tasted fantastic when rolled in puff pastry?

It is a really tasty meal and the whole family will eat it, but I don't make it often since I need to dirty the food processor and I try not to feed the family puff pastry too often or they will come to expect it.

I am happy to say that dinner was made without meltdowns, thanks to the play doh table IN the kitchen so that the kids could keep their eyes on me. I am also baking a pie for dinner, sorry store bought tonight, I just didn't have the time and there were pie requests. So, after I do the dishes (bleck) I can make a big salad to go with the sausage roll and feed the tribe.

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A Jersey Girl said...

Not here, that is the best time of my day:)

Do you think there is a way to make it better? I bet if we could break the secret we could be rich! Every mom would buy that book:)