Thursday, November 6, 2008

So very crazy!

So, yesterday was busy, busy, busy. I finally made it home, after having fun running around with Em and Maggie, at 3:30. The girls came home and I was working on getting ready for work when it laptop died. Apparently the internal charger thing doesn't work, so I have no power. The problem was that I NEEDED a laptop for class last night and our other one doesn't have Powerpoint. Thankfully Emily was super nice and let me take her laptop to class. My company overnighted a new case and it will be here tomorrow, so I will be up and running.

I got home late last night and then was up to 4 am trying to get work done on our desktop that doesn't have the programs I need. I slept on the couch in the family room until 7:20 when Haven was up for school, and I have been busy working, cleaning and getting things done. Tomorrow I have class, then the Fallons are coming for a game night :) Then Saturday I am sleeping in!!!

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A Jersey Girl said...

See, I may not call when the kids are sick, but I was willing to part with my computer for you- that is real friendship:)