Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It all comes together

It has been a good day, everything seemed to just fall into place. This morning I was able to get my call done, get the kids out the door and we went to vote. Thankfully we were quick at the polls and we went and had a yummy lunch. Then I grabbed my free cup of joe and we headed home. After getting home, I was super productive and got all of my grading done for PT school, half of it for FT school, made cheese, cleaned up and did the dishes and laundry. Dinner is now cooking and one of the two papers is completed. Tonight I need to run 5 calls with new faculty and work on the other paper I have due. If I am SUPER together, I will be able to get the kid's lunches made since we need to be out the door a 8 am. Whew!

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