Sunday, November 30, 2008

The show must go on.....

So, I finally sent Haven up to bed at 5 hoping she would get some sleep. Grayson had already woken up and was sleeping in the couch. Haven went up and I laid down on the couch with Gray, foot to foot trying to share the big warm blanket. I finally dozed off around 5:30 with the split of the couch between my shoulder blades and no blanket from the waist up. Then at 6 am Haven was back, not sure why, but back to wake me and Gray up. So then I sent her back to bed since she was up and sick all night and got up and fed Gray breakfast.

So I am tired and sick and all I want to do is whine and moan, but that doesn't work here. Ryan will stop at the store on his way home and he will clean the bathroom, but then he needs to sleep since he has work tonight. I have switched the laundry, so he can put whatever he needs to in the wash, and have begun cleaning up the house. Dinner tonight will be black beans I started soaking last night, with seasoned ground beef and spanish rice served with lettuce, tomato and sour cream. Cheap, easy and healthy-well except Haven will get toast.

I have the stuff I need out for chocolate florentines. I will begin these in a few minutes and after Britt is up and eats, she can help me finish decorating and sort the laundry. We will just need to adjust how things get done today, no room to move what needs to be done.

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