Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, can someone tell me what went wrong???

Every fall it is an adjustment getting back into work at PT school, getting the kids onto a school schedule, etc, but usually by October, we are doing just fine. This year, no dice! I am just as messed up today as I was in August, and the only consilation I have is that it will only last a few more weeks. So, what went wrong???

OK, well, I know that we started off bad with Haven being diagnosed with the seizures and the testing that we needed to have done. Then the Weds/Fri schedule for my classes really stinks as I never have two days at home with help so I never get a chance to relax. Add to this, Grayson started preschool. Plus my classes I am taking have been really, really, awful.

All I can hope is that the few weeks I have off help recharge my batteries and that next term goes a bit smoothers. Maybe having mu MIL here will help, maybe she will clean up, or get the kids out of my hair or something to take the pressure off. I am back on the Mon/Weds class schedule, so I will have my Thursdays and Fridays at home with hubby :)

Ah well, a few more weeks and the craziness will be done...just imagine, I am going to have three weeks of no school and no teaching, whatever will I do? Oh yea, I have a week's worth of company.

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Ree said...

ENJOY your time off!!