Monday, November 3, 2008

Holding it all together

So, it has been a rough few days, but somehow I am holding it together. I am wading through my work, and keeping up with the basic housekeeping. The kids are getting fed, and somehow I am getting it done. To say my life is a delicate balance is a serious understatement. Thankfully, I do pretty well under pressure, and while I know it won't let up until the end of the week, somehow it will get done.

Tomorrow is Election Day so the kiddos are off from school. Currently I have 5 calls scheduled (that is at least 2 1/2 hours) plus I need to vote and make it to CVS at some point. If I can keep moving, I will only have 15 papers left to grade tomorrow for PT school, plus a paper to write and I will start grading for FT school. In addition, I need to carve out a half hour tomorrow to make cheese, and I need to pack up the pumpkin I processed yesterday. It is a lot, but manageable, minus any major issues.

I know how crazy my world is, but I am thankful every day that my kids don't know how much I work around their schedule. To them, I am here being a mom most of the time, and while I will tell them when I am on a call or working that I need some quiet, I am still here is they need me. I am ready to be done with school, and with two years to go, it is great to see an end in site.

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