Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moving moving moving

OK, so I am moving right along. Got all my work work done for FT school, did one run to the store, did dishes and processed two out of the three pumpkins. I still need to work on laundry and grade papers for PT school, and figure out dinner. I may just feed the family leftovers since no one really ate last night, or I may take some of that pumpkin and make it into pumpkin soup.

While standing there chopping pumpkin today, a memory came upon me which had nothing to do with the pumpkin, but reminded me of why I am who I am. I remember being back on LI and it was either Valentine's Day or Saint Patrick's Day and my beau at the time and I were going out with a friend of his from college. This friend was the SNL version of a guy from Long Island, greasy and stinking of cologne, and I remember that it amused me since so few of the guys I knew were the stereotypical LI guy-and I lived there my whole life! So after having a crap time and heading home, I kept thinking how that was not where I belonged, I shouldn't be in some crappy bar with those people. I am not sure why this memory came upon me, I do know that I was thinking of two different exes while chopping pumpkin, knowing one would have admired the task and one would have made me feel like crap for being cheap, maybe that is where it came from.

I am glad to know that my husband was the one who went out and got me the pumpkins for super cheap, knowing that it would make me happy and that he and the kids would benefit from all of the good food that will come from those pumpkins. I am happy this is where I ended up and that I am understood here.

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