Saturday, November 22, 2008

A busy bunch

We got a lot done today and I am happy with the progress so far. The Christmas decorations are waiting for us in the living room, and when we get home from NC they will be spreading joy through our house. We cleaned the car out and it is sparkling! We picked Ryan's car up from the shop. Some laundry was folded, and some put away. The kids coats and car seat covers are in the washer, and clothes for church are laid out for tomorrow. I finished my grading and posted one paper, only one short one left to write tonight. I need to go get the veggies ready to roast, we are having roasted veggies with basil, lemon and orzo for dinner. The fire is going, the dishes are done, and I am feeling pretty relaxed and ready for the evening. Maybe I will make the kids some hot cocoa and we will start looking over the decorations.


A Jersey Girl said...

I am glad you got all you wanted to done today-

Tell the kids good luck tomorrow! And tape it so we can see it!

Tribe Mama said...

I am not sure I can tape it in church. Made it safe and sound I hope?