Sunday, November 16, 2008

I may in fact cry

OK, so we made it to church and I was helping out with both Britt and Gray's classes as they were combined today. Grayson was AWFUL, which is to be expected since he has been awful for the last two months. After church we stayed and had some snack, then I took the kids to lunch, which was super nice I thought. So, while at lunch Grayson was AWFUL. OK, then to the store where, you guessed it, he was AWFUL and AWFUL on the ride home and since we have gotten here!

I am not sure what his issue is, but he is just being bad, not listening, doing things he knows he shouldn't, talking back, etc. I am sure he is testing me, and boy did that blow up for him today. See he is my baby, so he has never seen me really, really fed up and mad, well he did today and he was really yelled at and sent to bed. I mean, I really yelled at him, told him his bad behavior needed to stop now and that he could no longer be like this. He has had me on the breaking point for weeks, and I really need for the behavior to improve or I may lose my mind.

Now I am exhausted, I still need to get some work done, do the dishes, straighten the house and cook dinner, not to mention write that paper. Can I please just take a nap?

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