Thursday, November 13, 2008


It is now 12:12 and we finally got the kitchen border done. I also emptied our closet and Ryan and I sorted through everything. I got all, YES ALL, of my clothes folded and put away, and Ryan swears after lunch he will go fold and put his away. It may not seem like much, but since the kittens were born, we have had the closet in shambles, and now everything is neat and clean. Best of all, I now can grab any winter clothes I may need and all my super snuggly pajamas are folded and tucked away waiting for me.

The big clean did have a nasty side effect, and that would be even more dirty laundry to wash. So far I am pushing it through, and any clean kids clothes are waiting for the girls to fold tomorrow afternoon.

Still on the plan, I need to do dishes, switch laundry, vacuum and make meatballs for supper. Husband even offered to go to school to meet with Brittan's teacher since we missed conferences. Such a huge relief since I have an 8:30 call and I am super tired. So far, hubby is being pretty helpful and I really appreciate it.


A Jersey Girl said...

Slacker:) That's all you did today:)

Rebecca said...

I got so much more done, mopping, more laundry, general upkeep. I was super productive, and after my call, I am watching TV in BED!

Ree said...

AWESOME JOB!! Way to go!!