Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just plain pooped!

I am exhausted! I know I have been busy, but this is out of hand, I could pass out right now! Thankfully all I need to do is maintain order in the house, make homemade mac and cheese for dinner and do some posts to my classes. I am hoping to snuggle up in bed early tonight and get some good sleep!

The kids all have school in the morning and I need to get the oil changed in the car and make my way down to Fredericksburg to get fabric. I am making my kiddos (and myself and Emily) flannel bed warmers since it has been so chilly. Just simple rice bags with lavender that can be warmed up and put into bed to keep everyone toasty. It is a surprise for the kids, so I need to go when they are at school tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon I will start packing, and I will have a paper to write :(

Tuesday Gray and I will head back to Fredericksburg so we can get his pictures done. Then we will go to the farm and get the milk, then home for lunch and last minute getting ready details. Since I have calls all morning Wednesday, I need everything to be ready to go. When Ryan gets home and I finish my second call at noon, we will load up the car, drop the dog off and get on our way to NC.

Being we are going to be so busy, I really need to get to bed early!

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