Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stop Yelling!!!!!

So, it is really sad when you see a major problem in your family that you caused. See, we have always kind of been yellers, but lately it has gotten really, really bad. Now it seems all we do all day long is yell, me at the kids, the kids at each other, me at ryan, ryan at me, ryan at the kids, the kids at us, etc. So tomorrow I am quiting, I am going to try not to yell unless it is an emergency (think HOT! or TORNADO!) I am going to try to convince the hubby not to yell, and maybe by setting a GOOD example, the kids will stop yelling too. I want a house where we are kind to each other, and we need some changes. This is our pre-Christmas resolution, hopefully we will keep it and this good habit will replace the bad.


Ree said...

Good Luck!! This seems to happen around here alot, as well!! I wonder if it's the last name thing!! LOL!!

A Jersey Girl said...

I hear ya! It is so demoralizing when you see that something YOU are doing is influencing your family in a negative way.

Remember though, you do a great job! And we all need to refocus sometimes.
Well, me more than most:)

Besides, YOU ROCK!