Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trying to find hope

It is our tough time of the year, December/January and August are when we struggle the most financially. I always try to prepare and while on paper we look okay, I never know what is just around the corner. Financial stability is tough in today's times, even for those of us who are considered fortunate.

In addition to my money stress, my mother in law will be moving in with us in December or January. She needs our help, and I am happy to give it, but worry about what it will mean for our family dynamics, plus I am concerned I will have to stop changing my clothes in the family room and walking around half naked ;) We are happy she is coming, and the kids are very excited, but change is tough for me.

I am also thinking of applying for another full time teaching position. I love my FT gig, and it allows me to be home a lot, but I don't make a lot of money and feel I could do more for the family. I guess it will be left in the hands of fate.

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A Jersey Girl said...

Stop looking there is no hope:) Really though, I think this year is a bit worse as the economy is not even giving a glimmer of hope.

Fingers crossed that The New President will get that money out to us quick:) That may make me enjoy him- hell, maybe even like him:)