Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So, I have to be the first to admit that this, like the past few presidential elections, was not one where I was 100% behind a candidate. Being that we are precariously placed, our economy is poor and people are suffering, neither candidate appeared to be a knight in shining armor. Regardless, I went out and cast my vote, and when I stood in front of that ballot, I had butterflies in my stomach. While it appears that the person I voted for will win, I am still concerned for our nation. I worry about what a Democratic majority means for us, and I want to see a change in our country, for the better.

I am sitting here, giddy with excitement to see the results of the American people's choices. I am so proud of this nation, and that people were so moved to get out and cast a vote. What a wonderful indication of the desires of the people, that all want to see a new administration and to see a change in our world, regardless of whose name was on their ballot. The joy I have to be part of a presidential election with the first black candidate, it overwhelms me and makes my heart full.

My darling children sat in chairs waiting patiently for me to vote today. We have talked extensively about what a blessing this right is to have, and I have told them all that they will have that same right given to them on their 18th birthday. I could see on my girl's faces today that they got the seriousness of voting, as they sat there and waited, calming their brother and telling him how important it was that we were there. I am so filled with hope that we will see the change that has been promised. I know what a great nation this is, I see it everyday in the people, now I want to see it in our leadership.

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