Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkins and weather

So, my husband went out and picked up pumpkins for me, they were all you could carry (by the wagon) for 5 dollars. Smart husband that he is, he only got me two as I am the one who has to clean, cook and freeze the pumpkin puree. We already have enough for four batches of pumpkin muffins, so some of this will be made into puree and some will be peeled and chopped into chunks to be roasted with butternut squash and sweet potatoes as a hearty side dish.

The weather here is going crazy, today was supposed to be a high of 70, now they are saying 78. This week was supposed to be cool and mild, now we are looking at the high sixties and seventies! I hate when the weather jumps around, if it is fall, I want fall, no messing about. Now I must go finish the apple butter I am making, when husband gets home I will have him get me the canner and jars, then the apples will be finished....just in time for pumpkin.

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