Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update on the day

So, we have had a reasonably decent day. I am still waiting on information to finish that paper, if all else fails, I will just do it myself.

The kids have played outside a lot, but now Grayson isn't feeling well and is running a fever. I have him settled on the couch, hopefully rest and Tylenol is all he will need. I have gotten my work work done for the day, with the exception of grading which I will start in a bit. The house is pretty much in order with the exception of laundry, but that will be assigned to the hubby on Thursday or Friday. I have a plan for dinner and a lemon cake that is heading into the oven for dessert. I would be on track for a quiet, restful evening if only my team would send me their work. Argh.

1 comment:

A Jersey Girl said...

If you would keep your kids away from my little monsters, they could stay healthy- I keep trying to tell you friends are NO GOOD:)