Sunday, November 2, 2008

Even more behind

So, if I was overwhelmed and behind a few days ago, I would have to say I am buried now. Between the two (so far) sick kids, Halloween, and other things that have come up, I am really behind on everything. There are two enormous piles of clean laundry that must be folded, and an equally big pile of dirty that must be washed. The house is ransacked, no one is on a good eating schedule so I am constantly feeding someone, I have a ton of work to do and I am exhausted.

So, I will do some work work now, then get up and put the canner and dehydrator away for the winter (hooray), make a batch of cheese, switch laundry, fold the kid's clothes and try to get Haven to put them away for me, I will vacuum and dust the main level of the house and mop all the floors to disinfect. Then, at some point today I need to start grading the 75 all essay exams. At least the kids only have a half day on Monday and Tuesday they are off, that means I have a few little helpers.

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