Monday, October 13, 2008

Wiped out

So, after being sick last week, then running around with the family on Friday and Saturday, I am feeling a bit yucky again. I did manage to get the CSA, vacuum the house, do the dishes (I am about to do them again!), make the applesauce, get some work done and cook dinner. The family only got an easy dinner tonight, I was getting too tired, so it was pierogies and keilbasi. Ryan just got the canning pot down for me, so I am going to go get the water going so I can can up the applesauce. I also fear I am almost out of jars, so tomorrow I will need to run to the store to see if they have any of the big jars left, if not, I will get more lids for the small, empty jars I do have on hand.

I also must work on a paper tonight, although I am pretty sure I won't get too far. The girls go back to school tomorrow and I have a ton to get accomplished, as always!

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