Monday, October 20, 2008

It has been quite a day!

So, got the sleepy kids up today, made them some eggs and toast and packed lunches. I was sure we were off to a great start, until I let the dog out and she ran off! Fifteen minutes later, which is a lifetime when you only have an hour to get three kids out the door to school, and Rosie was back. Off to school, dropped the girls and Gray, came home and finished some work, did dishes and straightened. Ran to CVS then to the CSA then to get Grayson. Emily and I decided to take the kids to lunch, BIG MISTAKE, they were awful. Then Gray and I came home, I sent him to bed where he is now sleeping, then things got hairy. One of the cats has had a stomach thing, so he threw up all over, then I went to fix the curtain in the Dining Room and the whole thing fell down and splintered the molding! That will be a husband task. Then I was slicing apples for yet more applesauce, and I cut the heck out of my finger. I was thinking stitches were in order, but finally the bleeding stopped, I slapped on a band aid, then finished slicing apples. I still need to finish the applesauce, it will be canned tomorrow, I need to switch laundry, make dinner, help the girls with homework, take Britt to soccer and write a paper. Argh! At least i can stay home all day tomorrow!

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