Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still yucko

OK, so it got worse, not better. Broke down and took half a stomach pill, then promptly passed out on the couch (husband was home, so kiddo #3 was safe). When I woke up, I was still bitterly cold, so Ryan made me some tea and finally headed up to bed. I took two tylenol, just in case I was getting a fever, and then hauled my freezing self up to finish those pumpkin muffins. Earlier today I began the treats, but we were out of baking powder, so hubby brought some home. Now the muffins are baking, the oven is making the house warmer, I just drank some chicken soup and finally feel a little better. Soon I have to finish the dishes, I really cannot stand dirty dishes in the sink, and then I need to start dinner. Oh, and so you don't think I slack because I am sick, I have vacuumed the house, blanched the broccoli and beans, and packed them for freezing. I also checked in at work. No slacking, no matter what!

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A Jersey Girl said...

Well, go thing you are still working:) No rest for a Mom!