Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pre church

So, we are getting ready to leave for church, today I will be helping out in Gray's class, and he is not thrilled :(

After church, I will see how Em is feeling, then if OK, I will drop my three off with her husband and their three, and we will hit the grocery store.

Dinner is already in the crockpot, pork ribs with apples, and my very tired husband was kind enough to stop at the other grocery store to buy 4 bottles of ketchup and two newspapers. Does he think I am crazy, yep, will he appreciate those ketchups when we are out and the kids want some, yes!

When we get home, I will be canning even more apples. I also finally ordered a dehydrator, so that will be put to use this week as well. I have a bunch of end of season tomatoes that must be peeled and frozen as well, and I should make an apple pie for dessert.

OK, off to get dressed, do the girls hair and print my master list for the store. Hopefully it will be a good day!

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