Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fire and Cheese....

So the first fire of the season is going and I am very excited! The ONLY reason I let Ryan have his way and get this house was because of the fireplace. Now I have fallen in love with lots of things in this house, although I could do without others, but that is another post.

I also made cheese for the first time today and it was so easy! We have had an abundance of milk, so I needed to get rid of some extra. I made mozzarella today and it took less than a half hour from start to finish. The process was very easy, and I have enough supplies (excluding milk) to make at minimum of 30 more batches. I also ordered yogurt cultures that are sitting in my freezer, so now I have something I can do when I have too much milk :)

As anyone who knows me or reads here knows, all I want in land and animals. The economy being in the toilet is not helping me make that dream come true, but I know it will happen someday. I am trying to hone my skills now so that I will be ready for the farm when we get there. As I plan to grow lots of our food, as well as raise animals both as pets and food sources, it is important to practice skills now. Here is to hoping the economy will rebound in two years when I am done with school!

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