Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today is overwhelming

So, it has been a bang up day. Gray decided he didn't want to go to school, and his mama allowed him to skip just this once. We grabbed Em and ran a million errands, then came home to find Ryan just getting home from work at almost 1 pm! He decided he was just staying up today, which means he will be a total grouch tomorrow, and helped me bring stuff inside. Then I decided I would quickly run out, make copies for tonights class and get the hangers to fix my curtain. Ran to Lowes and while there, husband called to tell me that the dog got out and some nice lady two blocks over had her. He then needed to wake Gray up, and go get Rosie, then he promptly tied the gate shut! After Lowes, I ran to see my favorite chiropractor, and I must have looked crappy since he offered a, not a huggy person. Then leaving Dr. Tom's, husband called that Gray was screaming for milk and we were out of rice milk. I swore we had more (we did), but said I would stop and get some. Then stopped at Staples and quickly made copies, then to Bloom to get a few things. Got lots of rice milk, the shrimp they had on sale buy 1 get TWO free, some brie and crackers and grapes. Went to check out and the stupid thing wouldn't take off my free shrimp (24 bucks worth!) So I had to go back, get different shrimp, then come back and rering! Then home to do dishes, clean the kitchen, do some work, vacuum the house and help the girls with homework. In an hour, I will get in the car, and go to campus. My class has an exam, so I will be grading during that time. See...overwhelming.

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