Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love Thursdays

We have had a pretty good day here at home. I got lots of cleaning and straightening done, some laundry was folded, kids played with friends, and we ate a nice dinner together. I have my weekly call in just a bit with faculty, and while I love talking with them and finding out how things are going, I hate that it interrupts the ONLY night I keep free for television. I am a Thursday night TV junkie. I love it all, and when the call is done, I will sit here and laugh myself silly!

Tomorrow we are planning to take the kids down to Busch Gardens, if the weather and every one's health holds up. Grayson has to see the allergist in morning, and the girls get out early from school, so it is the perfect day to go. Saturday we are heading up to my sister's early to pick apples and then watch my niece dance in a show. Sunday we have church, and then I will have to start prepping all of the apples from the day before. I would expect that Sunday will yield many jars of applesauce and applepie filling. What a nice fall weekend!

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